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7 Tips for Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene
Teeth are an important part of our body and one should take due precaution to keep them in shape always. These are the main part of our body helping us to chew whatever food intake we take every day. If any of our tooth is not strong enough, we can be deprived of many kinds of food servings and shall have to be particular on what to eat or what not to eat. Besides, all of us wish to have great smile which is not possible without having our teeth in perfect shape and strength.
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All the would-be-brides and grooms also expect their teeth to be in right shape and pink of health to carry great smile. Not only affecting your smile, poor cleanliness can lead to many complications like gum disease, heart related problems and other mouth infections. So, one has to be very careful about his/her dental health and needs to take small precautions to keep them fit & strong. You can follow a few small Tips to ensure proper dental care:
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1. Periodic Dental Check

You must visit your dentist at least once/twice a year to have routine dental check even if you do not have any apparent problem. That would make sure that if anything unusual is going to happen in coming future, it will come to the notice and your dentist can suggest due care on that aspect.
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2. Oral Hygiene

Always maintain proper mouth cleanliness. Small routines like brushing twice a day to keep away acne build up. Also rinse your mouth with water after every food intake in order to arrest any bacterial growth. Use mouthwash in case of need.

3. Right Brushing

A very high percentage of people don’t brush properly. Keep bristles of brush at 45 degree angle closer to the gums line. Brush gently in up-and-down mode. Don’t brush too hard to avoid and bleeding. Also brush tongue surface to clean it and remove bacteria and bad odor.
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4. Dental Floss

Flossing helps you to remove small food particles between the tooth and gum as these are not fully removed even by perfect brushing. Toothbrush bristles cannot reach those places and flossing once a day can smoothly take care.
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5. Avoid Smoking/Tobacco

That will do great favor if you are not a smoker or eating Pan Masala kind of products. No smoking/Tobacco intake will keep you away from oral cancer kind of complications also.

6. Cut on Alcohol, Sugary Drinks & Sodas

These intakes can easily deplete your body calcium level leading to decay and many other gum diseases. Better to drink one glass of milk everyday to supplement calcium needs of the body. Have calcium and vitamin supplement to meet any requisite need as advised by your dentist.
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7. Keep your Tongue Clean

Keeping your tongue clean is also as important to maintain proper dental care. While brushing, apply your toothbrush on the tongue as well to clean it & free from any bacterial attack.

Generally, people give little priority to their dental health and get aware only when they encounter big problems.
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Just follow these 7 small Tips to maintain oral hygiene to portray a million dollar smile to boost your Bridal Makeup or Groom Makeup , as the case may be.

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