Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Valentine's Themed Wedding: Heat Up The Romance

Indian Wedding - Valentine's Day

We all know that love is in the overall surroundings no sooner Valentine’s Day / 14th February approaches every year. At this point in time young generation is full of joy and vibrancy with spongy feelings. The air around is felt sweet and romantic feelings surround young hearts. That kind of environment all around invited young people to fall in love with someone special in your life. Few people even also think of organizing their marriage on the valentine day itself to keep those lasting memories fresh for many years to come.

Valentine's Special Rose Day

In fact, there cannot be a better day than the Valentine Day itself for arranging a Love Marriage. But to ensure this both the persons and family members must be prepared to arrange wedding in the month of February, to be specific on 14th February. If for some unavoidable reasons that is not possible then the couple can at least go for Valentine Theme in their wedding to make their big day a perfect one. Your wedding planner and friends may give many tips and ideas with creativity to decorate wedding venue accordingly.

Valentine Themed Wedding Gifts

While going for a Valentine Theme, color scheme shall be basing Red or Pink. Gold and silvery shades can also be used in fabric or floral decor. Flowers may be in Red, Pink and White to get those awesome effects. Danglers and balloons in the shape of hearts may be hanged around to bring in the desired look and create similar feelings. Not only bride and groom but the hosts from both the families must go for attires well matching with those color schemes. Their dress color combination should preferably be in line with the theme chosen. You can lay red carpet from the entry gate till the stage to bring in requisite effects.

Valentine's Day Wedding

At the entry day, you can welcome your guests with red roses. Chocolates and red wine may be served as part of food fiesta. The wedding venue all around must be decorated with love signs, flowers and fragrant candles. With this sort of surroundings, your guests while participating in the wedding events shall be more & more vibrant and participative than ever. Your DJ and Musical Events Organizer will also set the ball rolling with select love & romantic songs on hit & trendy Bollywood tunes.

Valentine Themed Wedding Sweets

This way you can plan your Big Day in line with Valentine Wedding Theme and treasure those very special memories for a long time to remember by one and all.

Valentine Themed Wedding