Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Snacks Corner in a Wedding

Cocktails in Indian Wedding

In any wedding, the host takes all the care to pamper his guests with sumptuous food and beverages. Delicious food is the way to engage your guests more and more in your wedding events. Normally, the bride’s family has to arrange wedding reception and they have to keep in mind that groom’s family and guests feel not only honored but seen pampering them with the lavish food being served around.

Snacks are the first thing in the entire food menu. You must have heard the saying: “First impression is the last impression.” No sooner the guests enter the wedding venue, they must find them being welcomed at the entry gate but inside must be served starters of their liking. Starters and appetizers in Cocktail Party and other Wedding functions have to be readily available and served promptly as sometimes guests are found talking in groups. Not only the stalls, but a few snacks must be served all around as a sign of good gesture and respect to the guests.

Gol-Gappas in Wedding

Starters and appetizers may comprise of:
  • Soft drinks, Mocktail and Fresh Juices
  • Beer, Wine, Whiskey & Cocktails
  • Chaat counters for Gol-Gappas, Papri-chaat, Tikki etc.
South Indian Dish in Indian Wedding
  • Fresh cut Fruits
  • South Indian Dishes
  • Pizza, Burgers, Pao-Bhaji etc but in small pieces

Pizza in Indian Wedding

  • Chinese dishes like Noodles
  • Items made of Paneer like Paneer Tikka
  • A mix of few Pakoras, Small Samosa, an item made of Mushroom Matar (Green Peas), Cheese Potato and other snacks
  • Any Non Veg snacks depending on host & Groom side liking.

Finger Foods in Indian Wedding

You may choose to have as many as items for snacks as you wish to depending upon the number of guests, your cultural background, main items being liked normally by majority people etc. Snacks sometimes are so vital that guests even skip the main course and go straight to the Desserts counter to finish their intake. You should also keep in mind to serve in the small shapes / Finger Foods so as not only to avoid waste but also let your guests pampering them with as many dishes of different variety as they could wish on your wedding day. The emerging trend in case of snacks is serving of Finger Foods in small sizes that a Good Caterer can offer will also enhances the visual appeal of the food being served. Remember, food is first eaten with your eyes, hence take due care on this aspect too.

Pav-Bhaji in Wedding