Monday, 11 January 2016

How To Check Background Of Your Prospective Match

Spouse Background Check

When you start planning your wedding, the first step is to find the right match. You either go for love marriage or arranged marriage. If you are having a love marriage, you very well know the other person and his/her background. Hence, you are not that much concerned about background checks. On the other hand, if you are going for an arranged marriage, you have to be very particular about background check aspect.
Background Verification of Spouse

As arranged marriages create a new relation with a stranger, it is thus very important to have a vigorous background check of them. This helps you in knowing whether you would be spending your life with the right person/family or not. There are many cases in India where families lie about their children and their own status. These practices sometimes have adverse consequences.

Looking at the complexity of the situation in an Indian Wedding, here are a few ways to check antecedents of your prospective match:

Neighborhood Check

Neighborhood Background Check

You can conduct Neighborhood Check of the prospect by asking some of your friends and relatives to enquire about the family in and around their place of residence. The neighbors of the family are the ones who see your prospect all the time and they can give you a good idea about them.

Corporate Enquiry

Corporate Enquiry of Spouse

In case your prospect is working, you can enquire about his/her professional status by contacting the HR department of the company. One best option can be to find any friend/relative in the same organization. If the prospect is self-employed / entrepreneur, you can visit his/her establishment and also enquire from nearby offices. One good suggestion may be to pay a surprise visit to their place of work.

Family Relations

Family Relation

Try and find out if the prospect is known to any of your friends or relatives. A connection with them will give you further surety about their history and antecedents.

Strong Senses

Strong Sense

Try and have a strong sense and gut feeling while talking and interacting with your prospect. Always pay attention to each and every detail that they share and counter check the same later on.

Marriage Detectives

Marriage Detective

There are marriage detectives available who work like normal detectives to find out the real background of your prospect. This may be a costly option but has good results and is also popularity day by day.

Therefore, by following the above suggestions, you can wisely check the antecedents of your prospective match and Plan your Wedding without any hesitation.