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Arranged Marriage Vs. Love Marriage

Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage

Arranged Marriages & Love Marriages are the two main Types of Weddings. Comparison between both of them has always been a hot topic for debate and discussion. People usually have different point of views for these two. Some like to go the western way i.e. love marriage and some people like to go the traditional Indian culture way i.e. arranged marriage route. Preferences differ from culture to culture.

Here is a compilation of major difference between both of them:

Cultural Background

Cultural Marriages in India

In India, most of the cultures prefer arranged marriages. They do not support love marriages as they feel it is a violation of their cultural boundaries. This usually happens in tier 2 & 3 cities. On the other hand, love marriages have greater acceptance in tier 1 cities as they are much more advanced & modern in their thinking.

Caste Differences

Arranged Marriage in India

Love marriages amongst inter caste people are rarely been accepted as against marriages. Again inter-religion marriages have much lesser acceptance than inter caste ones. This is another reason as to why people prefer arranged marriages because it allows them to find a match within own community itself.

Success Rate

Love Marriage in India

If we go into statistics, we will find that love marriages are usually less successful than the arranged marriages. Usually it depends totally on the couple as to how they mutually handle their relationship but it is often been seen that divorce rate in love marriages is a bit higher.

Hassles in Finding Match

Love Marriage

Love marriages prove to be having less hassles when it comes to finding the right match. Arranged marriages normally takes months to find right match and requires to check Family Background, but in love marriages you may even find your partner while building up your career.

Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage

Both the kinds of marriages have their respective pros & cons but arranged marriages usually scores a little higher than love marriages.

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