Sunday, 24 January 2016

7 Tips of Grooming for Big Day

7 Tips for Grooming

Marriage is such a solemn occasion that it is celebrated in much fun and flora. Both Bride and Groom have to look at their best on & before the wedding day. Till about a few years back, Grooms were not that concerned on their looks and attire. However, now the grooms are also quite particular on their appearance, personality and outfits. They make it a point to prepare them for the big day so as to look different and distinct from the crowd around.

A few tips are here for the prospective grooms to follow to enhance their persona before the wedding ceremonies:

Ensure Fitness

Physical Fitness

He must follow strict health regimen to be in shape on the D - Day. Must follow proper brisk walk and exercises for 30-60 minutes /day. That will keep him physically fit and mind will also be in tandem.

Keep Junk Food Away

Keep Junk Food Away

Must minimize intake on the junk food and follow proper food and Fresh Fruit Juice. His diet may comprise of fresh fruits, green veggies, salads and vitamin supplements, if any.

Start Grooming

Grooming for Men

Would-be-groom should keep his hands and feet duly manicured / pedicure and keep them softer. He should also shave properly and trim his hair regularly to bring that perfect look on the marriage day.

Well-Tailored Attire

Grooming Attire

On should, in advance finalize his attire and give to the good tailor. Pay attention to calls on trials and measurements without any laxity.


Indian Groom Accessories

Go for the Wedding Accessories which may last longer in your wardrobe than wearing for once only. Items like Tie, Footwear, Cuff links, Watch & Belt etc must be classics which you will keep liking for ever.

Do in What You Feel Good

Do What You Feel

Hear to the suggestions of Bride and friends but don’t blindly follow without listening to your inner voice and own persona. Some dresses like Sherwani, Indo-Western or Bandhgala look great on different people and not on everyone.

Too Much is Bad

Indian Groom Attire

Don’t try excess of any attire. Pick your jewellery / ornament pieces carefully as too much of them will look odd.

With these few suggestions and regular visit to Best Salons in Delhi NCR, you as a Groom of the day will be able to impress your persona to one and all.
Grooming Tips For Men