Wednesday, 27 January 2016

5 Tips To Be In Good Shape

5 Tips to be in Good Shape

Everyone likes to be fit - both internally and externally. If your body & mind are in tandem, your overall personality shall be in Top form. Sooner the better, one must take normal care to keep his/her body in shape. You don’t need to join a high end Gym or Fitness center, all you need is to take & follow very routine rituals in your daily life which is also not difficult to continue.

Here are 5 Tips to keep your body in shape:

1. Daily Brisk Walk

Brisk Walking

You need to do Brisk Walking of at least 20-30 minutes/day. In case that is not possible for ladies, they can follow this regimen in the evenings but there has to be gap of 3-4 hours since you had lunch. Morning walk is the best but in the evenings at around 6 PM you can follow this routine in any park nearby your colony.

2. Adequate Sleep

Adequate Sleep

Generally, people are suffering from sleep disorder. One must take at least 7 hours sound sleep daily. Don’t watch TV immediately going to bed. Deep sleep gets your hormones much needed rest and the body gets rejuvenated too.

3. Disciplined Lifestyle

Self Discipline

Follow a strict disciplined life style and don’t indulge in over eating, excess sugar intake, avoid junk food etc to keep low Calorie Intake. Keep in limit smoking or alcohol intake. Keep your mind tension & stress free to send right positive signals to the whole body system. Have minimum one fruit and salad daily. Follow time schedule for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Minimize on spices and excess salt intake.

4. Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation

Try to do some Yoga and Meditation daily at least for 10-15 minutes. That gives your central nervous system the desired rest and your mind also gets peace signals to keep you happy inside.

5. Exercise Daily

Exercise Daily

You must spare 15-20 minutes daily to do a few exercises & asanas. With that you can save on paying heavy fees in Health Clinics. You can easily learn lots of stretches and positions to get relaxation to the body muscles.

Above routine shall definitely give positive results and every person including the Bride / Groom will always be in shape by synchronizing their body & mind without spending a penny.

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