Friday, 1 January 2016

3 Steps to Plan Your Honeymoon

3 Steps to Plan Your Honneymoon

Once the hustling bustling activities of your wedding are over, it is now time for the newlywed couple to relax and spend time together. This is precisely what the honeymoon provides. It happens to be an ideal opportunity for the couple to come closer and know each other better. But before packing your bags to experience the bliss of togetherness with your beloved, hold on. There are a few pre requisites that you need to take care of to enjoy such vacation smoothly. Advance and due planning for your honeymoon is the most important of them.

3 Steps for Honeymoon Planning for the newlywed couples are summarized here under:

Select Destination

For all the newlywed couples, the first thing to do is to choose a destination for your honeymoon. The mysterious landscape of India provides ample of destinations to explore and at the same time caters to varied interests. For all those, who want to start their journey with the meandering pathways of the mountains, then the hill stations in Uttaranchal, Darjeeling, Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh are the best places to go for.

Honeymoon Planning For Hill Station

For those, who want to enjoy a leisurely stroll and sunset on the sea beach, places like Goa, Lakshwadeep, Andaman and Kerala are the ideal spots. In case, you are admirer of and like the ancient culture and architecture, you can go for historical places like Agra, Rajasthan, Kahjuraho, etc. People interested to go for some special International Honeymoon Destination, they may consider places such as Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, France, Seychelles, Mauritius, Switzerland, Europe, Venice, Holland, etc.

Make Reservations

Making Reservation for Honeymoon

After finalizing the destination, the next important thing is to contact a reliable travel agent. A travel agency makes complete arrangement for your trip, right from your departure to your arrival back. In case you want to do everything on your own, then get the reservations done in an appropriate hotel for both of you. After this is done, get your tickets booked both for departure as well as arrival, according to the mode of transport you will opt for. This will ensure you do not have to worry about anything after you reach there. Moreover, keep in mind that all the bookings should be done before hand to avoid any last minute glitches.

Do Packing

Things to Remember for Honeymoon Packing

Once all is set, it’s time to pack your bags and take off. However, there are certain things you should remember while packing. If you are going to a hill station, inquire about local temperatures and take appropriate woolen clothes. In case of sea beaches and historical destinations, keep umbrellas, sun glasses and sun block lotions handy. Also, carry light clothes as these places are usually hot and humid. Do not ever forget to keep your beach wear.

Honeymoo Planning Tips

Always keep some essential medicines along for precaution measures as those come handy quite often in an isolated and new location.

So, go ahead and choose your Best Honeymoon Destination and enjoy your best & to the full.