Thursday, 28 January 2016

12 Tips for Health Care in Winters

Health Care in Winter

Winters bring in much needed cheers and respite from summers. But in winters, people are a bit lethargic on their daily routine. They frequently miss daily morning walk and exercise, keep less activity and indulge in overeating. Following such a schedule, one can easily invite lots of health problems. That may result not only over spending on account of medical help but also affecting your basic health in the longer run. Health and Beauty have direct correlation. Slightly disciplined life routine shall keep you not only healthy but you will be able to enjoy life king-size.

Take these 12 Tips & Precautions and then see the difference:
  1. Go for regular morning/evening walk except in case of extremely low temperature and do a bit of exercise every day to remain fit.
    Running in Winter
  2. Always cover your body with warm clothing.
  3. During winters, you feel less thirsty but make it a point that at least an 8-10 glass of water intake is observed daily. You can drink lukewarm water also and that is even better.
    Drinking Water in Winter
  4. Curtail on smoking or alcohol intake.
  5. Have more intake of calcium based products like milk and dairy produce, peanuts, tofu, rajma, spinach etc.
  6. Increase intake of onion, garlic, tomato, salmon, gur, dry fruits like walnuts, almonds etc.
    Eat Dry Fruits in Winter
  7. Keep changing your posture and don’t sit in one position for more than 30 minutes.
  8. Have limited intake of sugar and salt - these are in fact white poisons and any excess thereof is bad for your health.
  9. Keep away from Maida preparations. Go for Wheat flour with lots of bran. Have green veggies, spinach, carrots and broccoli more as they will arrest any chances of getting joint pain.
    Green Leafy Vegetables
  10. Have daily sunshine to get vitamin D and take citric fruits/juices for vitamin C as well.
  11. Give oil message to your body at least once in a week/10 day.
    Oil Massage Your Body
  12. Last but not the least; keep your weight under control with regular yoga, meditation and simple Physical Exercise.
    Yoga and Meditation

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