Tuesday, 6 December 2016

10 Best Wedding Hotels in Delhi


As we know, Hotels and Resorts are not only used by Tourists and Holiday makers, but also for organising various events such as Birthdays, Corporate Events, Big Get Together & Weddings. Hotels serve as a convenient option when it comes to arrangements.  Most of the things are planned and organised by the Hotel itself. They have their own catering and decoration guys. Apart from that they have professional tie ups with Photographers, DJs, Florists etc. Hotels today provide different packages to their customers according to their needs. Good Hotels also give you the option of customising your event with their different offerings.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sweets & Chocolates in a Wedding

wedding sweets1
A Wedding event is celebrated with huge fun, flora and sentiments. Exchange of gifts, Invitation Cards, Sweets distribution to family members and guests are the normal rituals in any marriage. One has to check the contents and quality of these presents very carefully keeping in mind not only the taste of the guests but the latest trends in vogue. Distribution of Sweets and Chocolates on many wedding events is quite normal. Even the Wedding Invite is sometimes accompanied with delicious Sweets/Chocolates/Dry Fruits packed in a well decorated Gift Box.

Monday, 7 November 2016

How to be a Bride in Contrast

Bridal wear5
In an Indian wedding, the bride is also the center of attention. In any wedding event, all the eyes are on her. So she has to be very particular about what she wears, in what texture, color and designs? She has to keep in mind her own personality and latest trends and styles in the vogue so as not to look out of current fashion. One has to mix well our traditional culture with western trends so as not to give an odd appearance. An Indian Bride in her Exclusive Bridal Attire is always the cynosure of all the eyes around on her Big Day.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Tips to Floral Decor in a Wedding

flower decor3
When it comes to a fancy wedding, decoration plays an integral part. Decoration may include Lighting, Tent, Stage and Flower Decoration. As flower decor is an important part of any decoration, it is thus necessary to have the best vendors offering the best arrangement and designs. Floral designs usually change with time and hence it is necessary to adapt with those changes. One can even match Wedding Theme with the Flower Decoration to bring in a special ambiance in the whole settings.

Monday, 24 October 2016

5 Things to consider while Short-listing Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

As we know, Wedding Planners are those people to whom you can outsource the proceedings of your wedding events. These planners are usually hired by people who are unable to handle all arrangements, people who want extra things in their weddings, and HNI or elite people wanting everything luxurious. At times, services of a good Wed Planner come quite handy and result in lot of savings in the form of time, cost and energy. You may be falling in any of these categories, and would find it easier to hand over this assignment to them.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Checklist to Select Right Venue for a Wedding

Wedding Venue

Once your marriage date has been fixed up, the next most urgent thing is to finalise Wedding Venue. Main question arises about when & where to hold the marriage ceremony. Answer to these questions is not that easy. Gone are the days when marriages took place in the hometown of groom and bride and a nearby Dharamshala or school like location. But, now infinite wedding options are available and people give due thinking before finalising one.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Wedding Reception


Wedding Reception is a key occasion in any marriage when all the guests meet, mix up and pamper themselves with sumptuous food. On this front, you need to decide on number of guests, followed by Venus finalisation and fixing of right caterer. Proper Tent, Lighting, Dance floor and Floral Decor are also the integral part while organising Wedding Reception. Be well prepared to welcome the guests at the entry gate. Make your guests feel like VIPs with huge welcome by garlanding them or putting Tilak on their foreheads. Let your guests know that it's not just the wedding party that's special to you by letting each one as very special too.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Different Types of Dances in Weddings


In India, any marriage ceremony is celebrated in a grand manner as it happens to be a special occasion in both the families viz. Bride as well Groom. Typically, marriage functions comprise of many events scattered over a few weeks and months. Major events include Ring Ceremony, Roka, Mehndi, Sagai and of course the Big Day of Wedding itself. All the ceremonies are participated by all the close relatives, friends and guests. Any ceremony without Dance and Music loses its sheen and lacks fun & flora.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Music Ceremony

Music ceremony5

Music Ceremony or Sangeet ceremony, as the name itself connotes is all about dance and music as part of any wedding event. It happens to be one of the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding ceremony and is mainly participated by the women folk of the family & friends. Earlier, the musical party was arranged only by the bride's family but with changing times, it is now being observed by the groom's family also. Initially, it was a ritual which was mainly visible in North Indian weddings, but nowadays it is quite a familiar sight in Bengali and South Indian marriages as well.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Indian Wedding Food

Wedding Food
An Indian Wedding is always celebrated in a grand affair. Apart from their lavish décor, pomp & show, Indian weddings are known for their sumptuous and luscious food. A  wedding is measured incomplete without delicious food. In India, the arrangement of the wedding day food is normally done by the parents of the bride. The menu is mutually decided according to the taste and preferences of the groom's family as well. The groom's family is always given key importance and therefore, the preparation of the food is prepared in line with their preferences, in order to please them. 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

How to Choose the Best Wedding Venue


Once your marriage date has been finalized, the next important thing is to think of right venue for celebrating the wedding.  Wedding Venue selection is considered very significant decision which must be taken at the earliest. Many decisions are to be taken only after the venue has been finalized. You have to see not only the prime convenience of both the family members and guests but other factors like number of guests, budget, personal preferences, weather conditions etc are to be taken into account. A good venue always serves the purpose like half the battle won. You have to duly deliberate among all concerned before zeroing on the final venue and number of guests have to be finalized immediately which can change your venue options available.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Tips on Wedding Gifts

wedding gifts 1

An Indian wedding is celebrated with much galore and both the families use the occasion to accomplish their long pending wishes at their best. Every family member participate their best in every related event with fun and joy. During those events, gifts giving and receiving is a common feature. Exchange of Gifts take place quite frequently not only among close relations but between guests as well. In fact, gifts exchanging is the integral part of any marriage function to bring in additional joy and flora to those events.Any solemn occasion like a wedding is incomplete without exchange of gifts.

Monday, 12 September 2016

How To Choose Wedding Invites

Wedding Invites

No sooner the date of a marriage has been finalized, one has to immediately think of invitations to be sent to relatives, friends and guests.  Both the families start preparing the list of all those guests to whom wedding card has to be sent. It the endeavor of all to send invitations well in advance so as to block that particular date in their calendar and also think of preparations from their side.Wedding Invites leave a lasting impression on the recipient to make him decide his/her intentions on blocking the date(s) for participating in big ceremonies. So, one has to give due attention to this important part of wedding rituals.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Tips to Choose Right Footwear for Weddings


Footwear selection for Bride and Groom happens to be an uphill task. They have to select right footwear for their Big Day. Not only the comfort but they have to keep in mind many other factors before making the final choice. One must therefore take due care before making final selection keeping in mind your liking, current fashion and comfort as well. Right footwear immensely enhance the personality of the wearer. Those are your dream shoes and everyone would want them to wear again, hence a few Tips may be kept into consideration while making the final choice:

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Top Foods Served in Weddings

Food serving in weddings

India is a vast country with different regional backgrounds and wide cultural mix. Different languages are spoken across many states and food variety is also different according to particular region.  There exists the tradition of amazing use of herbs and spices across these regions. Cooking style also varies between regions – south, north, east or west. That makes possible large assortment of delicious dishes to choose from for any solemn occasion, be it a wedding, anniversary or any other big event.

Similarly, our country is famous for multi cuisine availability in a large number of hotels and restaurants. Basis staple food remains the same like wheat flour, rice, lentils and gram etc. Gradually, Indian culture is borrowing from western cuisines also and lots of fast food joints have come up with international/MNC labels and those are also quite popular among young generation and children.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Bridegroom Suit & Attire


At every Indian wedding, primarily the bride is the focus of attention. But, of late, Grooms also don’t lag behind and they are also very particular on their attire, looks and persona. People around also keep their eyes on groom, his appearance and looks. The groom therefore has to be very attentive and particular while making choices on his attire and accessories he is going to wear/adore on the big-day. A wide variety of Wedding Suits for Groom Wear is easily available in the market and you can find your choice if planned in advance.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Groom Welcome in a Wedding

indian-groom-on-ghori (1)

An Indian Wedding is recognised by Baraat- Marriage Procession representing the Groom, his family members and friends. In a Baraat, the groom starts from his house riding on a Ghori in a procession with Wedding Bands and Fireworks.  This ritual takes place after the Tika/Ghurchadi ceremony. In this procession, all the guests keep on dancing to the latest and hit tunes of bollywood songs. The whole atmosphere is charged up with loud Music, Band, Baaza and Fireworks.All the guests are also in great mood and enjoy every bit of those exclusive moments and rituals from both the sides.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Indian Wedding Music


Indian Marriages are always performed in a grand manner.  Typically, they comprise of many events like Engagement , Roka, Ring,  Mehandi,  Ladies  Sangeet,  Sagai, and of course,  the main wedding day. Music plays a vital role in all these ceremonies and without it the events appear incomplete.  Music adds much needed glitter to the events and all the guests around enjoy the ceremony while dancing to the latest tunes and hit songs.Through music, people easily express themselves and their emotions in a much better way. A Wedding, as we all know, comprises of many touching moments of lifetime and music facilitates in expressing emotions in the right perspective. Any marriage brings feeling of joy, happiness and pain and music helps in converting these feelings in perfect shape and expressions. Family members, relatives and friends of both the families play music on these many events and celebrate the occasion with much joy and gaiety.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Bridegroom Wedding Shoes


A marriage is once in a lifetime occasion and every Groom wishes to look best on his wedding. He has many aspirations to fulfill and takes the opportunity to utilize to the maximum.  Both Bride and the Groom are the focus of attention of all the eyes and they both try to look at their respective best.  Maximum attention is paid by both on their wedding attire and accessories to ensure perfect picture. All those outfits are selected after much deliberation and Wedding Shoes for the Groom are no exception. Therefore, one needs to take extra care before taking the final decision on ultimate choice for the right footwear for his Big Day.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

How to Manage Wedding Budget


An Indian Wedding involves lots of events and extravaganza too.  Both the families try to organize various marriage functions in a grand and gala manner. In the process, lots of wastage and undue expenditure also take place. One can with a bit of prudent planning, limit these expenses so that you don’t end up spending extra post the marriage ceremonies. You can play a bit safe and in an economic manner so as to save significant money in the end.In a marriage, there are many activities which can be either outsourced or arranged cheaper with the same results. At times, at many stages in a marriage, you can take a call to organize certain things in-house through your own personal resources instead of shopping around. Expenditure on many activities can be substantially cut without feeling a pinch of it. 

Monday, 15 August 2016

How To Find A Right Match

The very step for your wedding is finding the right match for yourself. It may not be a problem if you are going for a love marriage, but in case of an arranged marriage, it definitely takes some time. You and your family start searching for your right match once you are well settled in your career. It is thus a daunting task to figure out the right proposals, evaluate and shortlist them.Sometimes, it is very hard to find a suitable match if you are above 30 years of age or are not settled in your life. The respective situations of each person may differ. Though it is necessary to find the right person who can accept you whosoever you are. In the past, it used to be pretty difficult when only family members used to search for possible matches. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Fruit juices- A Health Magic

Everyone wishes to look young and vibrant especially would-be-couples. You have to be very conscious on what you eat and what your daily life style is. There are certain fresh juices which gives extra energy to the body besides nourishing with many nutrients. A few juices you can make part of your daily routine are briefly explained below. That will not require big money or time to focus thereon and is really very easy to follow. These are the natural remedies to keep your Health and Physical Fitness in place. You also get immunity from many diseases once you start taking fresh fruits/juices as part of your daily  routine. This is not a too difficult ritual to follow:

Monday, 8 August 2016

Wedding in a Resort

Wedding in a Resort7
When we start planning our wedding, the first thing we have to decide is the venue. It is the second most important thing soon after finalization of the wedding date. This is because wedding venues are subject to advance bookings and sometimes is very difficult to get booking especially during peak marriage seasons. Hence, people are forced to book their venues well in advance to avoid any last minute glitch. This decision is one of the most important one and people organizing a wedding have to take a right call well in advance and to avoid any last minute problems. Many options are available to choose a venue and therefore one must properly consider all the respective pros and cons.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Visual Appeal of Food Served in a Wedding

A typical marriage ceremony in India encompasses through many weeks and sometimes months. Any wedding comprises of many mini events till the main wedding date. On all these events, an effort is made from both the sides to present delicious and sumptuous food to leave a lasting impression on the guests. Caterers are instructed well to prepare mouth-watering dishes to make a memorable feeling on one and all. We all eat with our eyes first. That means the first impression of food served immediately when it’s on the counter.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bridal Hair Care Tips in Summer

Hair care
Summer season is a monotonous one for your hairs and body as well. The bride-to-be shall need extra care to keep her hair in shape. You may face problems like dry hair, oily scalp and messy hair during summer. In this season, a person is generally encouraged to have more outings, attend beach parties, sitting by the poolside and enjoying many fun water sport events. In summers, it is not recommended to frequently dye or color your hair. It’s very difficult to protect those hairs from the intense heat. Such atmospheric conditions become a real obstacle in overseeing your hair regimen more particularly in the summer weather.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Family Clothing for Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding is a big occasion not only for the Bride & Groom but for their family members and relatives. People anxiously wait for this solemn occasion for long and get elated at just the news of an ensuing wedding in the family once that is fixed. They start thinking looking inside their cupboard as to what to wear, when to wear and what shopping needs to be done in case they feel the necessity to buy a few new dresses to participate in those events. All the members of both the families are very much excited on their dress for the coming big day and they start preparations well in advance. Everyone, old ,young and children have to do careful planning on this aspect.

Bridal Jewelry in Blue

In every Indian wedding, jewelry plays an important part.  Right selection of Bridal jewelry is very difficult task indeed. One has to keep in mind not only the taste and persona of the wearer but the current fashion trends in the vogue as well. Every bride wishes to look elegant and different on her big day and therefore a good amount of research needs to take place before finally choosing her dresses and jewelry. This particular blue jewelry brings in a totally unique and exclusive look to the whole Bridal Attire. The Bride will definitely be the cynosure of all the eyes around.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nourishing Salad Corner at Weddings

Indian Marriages are usually a grand affair. These are solemnized as part of lifetime wishes not only for the Bride or Groom but for all their relatives and friends. An Indian wedding comprises of many events scattered for many days /weeks before the arrival of big day. At all these ceremonies, both bride and groom are busy performing many rituals as per traditions and ancient culture they come from.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Tips to Tackle Heat Stroke

During Summer Season, we all face acute weather conditions. Temperatures outside is over 40 degrees Celsius and there is every likelihood of getting heat stroke. It may occur when our body is unable to regulate temperature and may at times calls for an emergency.  If not given due care, heat stroke may even be a life threatening emergency. Sometimes, even the proper medical care doesn’t result in immediate positive response.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Beads Jewelry for Brides

An Indian Bride is always the cynosure of all the eyes around. Be it her attire, accessories or jewelry, all are attracted to the people on all those wedding events. Her jewelry not only gives her trousseau an exclusive treasure but also enhances her looks and elegance.  Every bride would like a different appearance altogether so as to be unique among all the relatives and friends gathered for the occasion on her Big Day.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Summer Tips for Better Lifestyle

Presently, the intense summer season is around the corner and one may be having extra exposure to the sun. One has to be very careful to take minimum care to combat heat and ultra violet rays of the sun which can do much harm to your body and inner feelings. You have to be a bit prepared to follow strict daily rituals to keep yourself active and vibrant during this season and maintain Physical Fitness.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Right Food as Beauty Secret

All of us - male or female wish to have perfect health to look smart and active. Brides and Grooms of today are getting more conscious of their Food Habits and Exercise Routines in order to get desired results. Everyone wants to look more attractive than others and for this one has to make his daily food intakes a mix of healthy ingredients, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Sometimes, people forget about inner strength and beauty and just emphasize on outer beauty by using quick fix solutions. But these measures are only temporary and not permanent.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Getting Rid of Pimples

woman face
Every person, man or woman, face pimples problem at least once in his/her young days. In some cases this problems take very abnormal turn and even many treatments fail to curb it. Teenagers sometime find a bit difficult to control pimples and it obstructs in proper Facial Care also. Besides, pimples leave mark on the face which may be difficult to remove at a later stage.

Pimples also come in the way of your makeup especially for any bride-to-be. She will definitely get worried looking for faster solutions. Teenagers, boys and gils both, encounter this problem resulting excess oil on the facial-skin leading to the growth of pimples.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Strong Heart For Physical Fitness

Current lifestyle of people at large is extremely busy and all of us are under tremendous pressure all the time. These pressures could be from work side, health side, and family side and so on. Even young generation of today is getting undue stress and therefore one must need to counter it as well at the earliest before it takes adverse form. Hypertension generally relates to high blood pressure which needs cure to prevent side effects.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Diamond Jewelry for Bridal Trousseau

Women’s love for jewelry exists since ages and ancient times. Jewelry has been and will always remain an integral part of any women’s life. She keeps her Wedding Trousseau so safe and intact so that the same could be used for the coming generations with the same fun and fervour. Brides-to-be of today are very careful in choosing their jewelry carefully keeping in view their persona, taste and latest trends in designs etc.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Simple Ways to Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Current lifestyle of people at large is resulting into weight gain problems even from childhood. We all are subjected to very busy and hectic life schedule and in the process take risk while indulging in fast food, sugary snacks, smoking and drinking alcohol. All these intakes harm our body balance and we start getting obese. That may lead to many complications if not addressed timely and in initial stages as otherwise it will be too late to reverse the weight gain process.

Friday, 1 July 2016

A Few Healthy Food & Drinks

Fruits & Juices
With the Summer season now at its peak, everyone wishes to combat summer woes in a smooth manner. This season brings in many a problem besides people at large feel exhausted, dull and tired most of the times. One has to take care to eat light besides following routine yoga and exercise every day. Small wellness drinks and food will surely nourish your body and bring mind in tandem.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Simple Tips to De-stress

Work pressure stress
In the current busy era, we all are extremely busy doing multi-tasking at times. We don’t think of doing things in a planned and systematic manner keeping focus on few things at a time rather that to keep thinking on many things and carry avoidable tension unnecessarily. We should keep our mind in tandem with the body and must not over stretch resulting stress kind of symptoms.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

How to Cope with Work Pressure

Nowadays, many couples are in a working zone and both are employed. That makes them financially strong and independent too. But nothing comes free in this materialistic world. This brings in work pressure also affecting life at home and at work place also. Competition is increasing day by day and everyone is busy proving him/her the best. Sycophancy is also on top and many people gain just by this art application. That gives avoidable stress to efficient persons.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Simple Tips for Healthy Bones

Milk Drinking
It is quite common to see people suffering from cold, cough and fever. One must have the basic immunity so that your body could fight with ill effects of bad eating habits and lifestyles. Drinking Milk is very beneficial for overall health. It nourishes your body so many nutrients and vitamins. Milk and milk products provide requisite calcium to keep your bones in shape.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Simple Ways to Boost Fitness

All of us are particular to carry Healthy Lifestyle irrespective of financial status and needs. Great saints have also called Health as the biggest Wealth one can aspire. Current lifestyle is so busy and hectic that people are bust making money, thinking money and engrossed in the materialistic things. They don’t see to their internal mind & body scenario till it is too late. It is therefore highly recommended for all to follow strict disciplined life ritual daily to combat all those related problems affecting healthy living.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Diet Tips to Fight Stress

Our lifestyle today has become so active and busy that we don’t have time even to take care of our health. We all have been busy multi-tasking all the time resulting into stress feeling in our mind and body. Stress, if not managed timely and properly, can become a major reason for many a health disorders after some times. A simple headache could convert into hypertension, acidity, diabetes or cardiac disorder.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Colourful Jewellery

Indian women have always been envy of jewellery. It is not only worn in weddings and other ethnic occasions but also in daily use. Gold, Diamonds, Pearls and Gemstones have been associated with jewellery since the time immemorial. In ancient times, even the erstwhile kings used to wear heavy jewellery. Queens and ladies those days adored themselves with many types of jewels items in different colors depending on the occasions and events.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Natural Facial Tips at Home

Natural Facial
Everyone would like to have natural glow on his/her face, be it summer, winter, rainy or spring season. In summer season, it’s a bit difficult task as the atmospheric conditions around are not too conducive. You always have fear of getting tanned in case of outings during the day. Still you can adopt a few measures by going strictly natural way in order to keep your skin-glow intact and roam around with confidence.

Monday, 16 May 2016

5 Tips to prevent Hair Breaking


Any Bride or Groom wish to have soft, shiny and dense hair complete with glow. In today’s hectic life full of pollution and summer woes, it’s rather a bit difficult to manage hair. Hair are quite soft tissues and any undue pressure thereon can do much harm than good. It is very common now to find complaints of hair fall both from males and females. Graying of hair too early is also becoming a normal phenomenon.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

10 Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer

summer skin care
Summer season brings in many woes. It is easier to keep Healthy and Glowing Skin in winter but that is a bit difficult in summer weather. In this season, any Bride-to-be needs to do cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin so as to keep it in shape. You can follow a few simple Tips to keep your facial and body skin on order and also to prevent damage from pollution, sun rays and hot conditions especially when on outings.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Tips for Better Hair Wash

Bridal Hair Care
For every woman, Hair care is one of the most prime concerns. Keeping dandruff and dust away is the key to have lustrous and shining hair. One has to give her hair a proper wash at least twice a week. It’s not simply shampooing or conditioning but a proper process has to be followed to extract full benefits. You can follow a few Tips to give due attention to your hair and always keeping them flowing in style:

Sunday, 24 April 2016

How to Nourish Your Personality

In the current era of living, we all are extremely busy. There is a big widening gap in life & work. Both are getting a bit detached with each other. That always have an adverse impact on our Physical Fitness too. Our working hours are getting not only longer but disturbing our lifestyle also. In this materialistic world, people are running blindly after materialistic gains at the cost of their health, fitness and internal happiness. One needs to always ensure that his/her body & mind get much desired nourishment to keep going in good shape.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Tips for Wedding Décor

wedding decor4
An Indian Wedding is always celebrated with much fun and flora. Many events become part of the wedding ceremony and sometimes keep on going for days and weeks. All such events need proper venue selection and decoration thereat. Decoration is not only needed at the marriage ceremonies but even for so many Indian festivals. The major positive effect of decoration is that it brings in positive energy in the environment around and vibrancy comes in the minds of guests participating in those events.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Comparison between Hotel vs Lawn

Indian couple
When it comes to deciding the venue of an Indian Wedding, there are a few options to consider. Some people may choose Hotels, Resorts or Banquet Halls; while some consider Lawns or Farmhouses to be a better option. All of them have their respective pros & cons. In this article, we would be making a detailed comparison between hotels/resorts and open lawns as the wedding options: