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Indian Wedding – A Bond of Two Souls

Indian Wedding - A Bond Of Two Souls

An Indian Hindu wedding is observed according to the cultural norms laid down in our ancient Vedas and Astro-Science. In our society, a wedding is not only the coming together of two people rather two souls. In fact, a wedding also brings two new families closer, which thereafter share a bond of love, respect and affection. As a result, there are many traditions and customs associated to be performed with the Indian Hindu wedding ceremony.

A wedding is the union of two strangers - Bride and the Groom. Post marriage, they live together and form their own family in times to come. It is a special & exclusive bondage in which two new persons start a new lease of life. A wedding passes through many rituals on different occasions. These traditions are the essence of our marital institution, thereby strengthening the significance, chastity and faith therein. A few of them, considered important as well are mentioned below for ready reference.


Kanyadaan in Indian Wedding

The complexity of an Indian Hindu marriage is related to the fact that there are number of rituals performed according to well set and customized Vedic practices and hymns. Kanyadaan is one of such a key ritual, which apart from being very vital to the ceremony, tugs at the touching cord of the bride's parents. Bride leaves her parents’ home to start a new family in entirely new surroundings.

Seven Vows

Seven Vows of Indian Wedding

An Indian marriage is one of the most holy affair in the society. This is visible from the virtual soberness with which it is performed. A Hindu marriage is all about many rituals and customs. There are a number of them which are followed pre and post wedding, making it an elaborate and comprehensive ceremony.

Mangalsutra (Wedding Necklace)

Significance of Mangalsutra

In our Hindu weddings, one of the most prevalent and pious customs is of tying Mangalsutra. It is a black and gold beaded necklace with a gold or diamond pendant. Mangalsutra represents enormous significance in Hindu weddings as well as in the entire lifetime of a Hindu married woman.

Solah Shringar (Sixteen Adornments)

Solah Shringar - Sixteen Adornments of Indian Bride

Solah Shringar are the 16 adornments of an Indian Bride, which add to her complete beautification. Wedding has always been a dream for every girl. It is a vision coming true, she is born with and wishes to realize with due care and meticulousness.

Wedding Barat

Indian Wedding Barat

The Indian Barat is one of the most fun filled rituals in the whole wedding ceremony. It is principally the procession, which proceeds from the house of the groom, towards the wedding venue arranged by Bride’s family. The procession is attended by the all of their relatives and friends from the groom's side. They all come dancing making fun of it and enjoying to their respective best.

Indian Wedding

These above rituals and traditions come a long way in making an Indian Wedding a Solemn Affair in which not only two strange persons take vows to be together for lifetime but  rather result in deep bondage of two souls.