Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Cocktail Party: Fun Before Your Wedding

Cocktail Parties in Delhi

Cocktail Parties are generally hosted by and for the groom’s family. Though this concept is not followed in every wedding, but still it has its own charm. These parties allow the groom family and friends to celebrate the wedding in a joyous and vibrant manner. It is the time when friends of the groom are the center of attention. It can also be called as a Bachelor’s Party.

As the name itself suggests, cocktails are the main feature of such parties. Wedding Caterers and Planners need to be requested specially for organizing these parties.

Cocktail Party Girls

As this event is an optional one, it is an add-on to your existing wedding schedule. Some people also club the Cocktail Party with Ladies Sangeet, hence if you don’t want much hassles, clubbing these two events will be highly recommended. Since Cocktail Party includes serving of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, there a 3 important things which you need to make sure in advance:

Cocktail Party Effect

  1. Obtain License: If you organizing the cocktail party in an open lawn or farmhouse, you need to obtain a license for serving alcohol. This license is important as you cannot keep and serve liquor without license. The license helps you to prove your merit in case of any mishappening. If the cocktail party is being organized at a Banquet hall, you need to confirm from their owner whether they have this license? We would recommend you to organize this party in a Hotel or Resort, as most of them surely hold alcohol serving license.
  2. Limited Drinks: Try to keep a limited variety of alcoholic drinks in your party. Don’t go for each and every drink as they are mere show off. General drinks such as Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Breezer and Vodka are enough. Advice your bartenders not to entertain any guests below the age of 21 years.
  3. Avoid Over Consumption of Alcohol: Make sure that there is not any case of anybody over consuming alcohol as it may lead to any act of misbehavior and spoiling the solemn occasion. This will help you avoiding any unfortunate incident in and around party premises.
Avoid Over Consumption of Alcohol

Hence, Cocktail Parties before Wedding are a great way to celebrate the occasion provided you take care of the above points and also find the most reliable and Best Caterers in Town for the purpose.

Cocktail Party Before Wedding