Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bidai Ceremony - Bidding Farewell to the Bride

Bidai Ceremony

A wedding is a combination of many events spanning several weeks and months. The final ceremony in the wedding is called Bidai. This is the last ritual in a wedding when the bride is leaving her house to start a new lease of life with strangers and new family members. This ceremony is therefore filled with emotional upheaval and tears. Traditionally, Bidai is considered as one of the main rituals in any Wedding Ceremony.

Bridal Bidai Ceremony

Bidai comes after completion of all the wedding rituals and now the bride bids her maiden home for ever to be part of new family members of her groom. It is a very emotional moment filled with sentiments. Till Bidai, all the family members and guests are involved in performing many rituals and at last, once those joyous affairs end, comes the emotional moments for Bidai of the bride from her parents’ home.

Bidai Traditions

With Bidai, the bride starts her 2nd innings of life with groom, her new partner at a new place and location under totally new environment. So, not only she, but all the close family members’ eyes are filled with tears. Those tears represent both joy and sorrow. While performing this ritual, the bride steps out of her house and throw back five handfuls of rice over her head. Throwing Rice back, being a sacred grain, signifies her leaving behind wealth & prosperity besides paying off her last dues to her parents and wishing all the very best to them now onwards.


At the time of Bidai, the bride wears the dress provided by her in-laws. Now comes the turn when all the family members embraces her with joy and tears to bid her good bye and wish her all the very best in her new avatar. Then, she departs with her husband to his home to start her new journey. Bidai is celebrated in all the religions as per their respective customs but the basics are the same. Even in the western countries, this type of ritual is performed as a normal affair.

Bridal doli for Bidai

In earlier times, Bidai used to take place in Doli as the roads and basic infrastructure did not exist. But now this ceremony is normally held in Car or Bus brought by Groom side. In any case, Bidai is an emotional event which is very natural and is an integral part of any wedding across all the religions & cultures, the world over. Her family members, friends and guests finally wish her all the very best luck and blessings in her new life. Thus, Bidai is an important event and needs to be planned while making wedding arrangements.

Bridal Doli