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17 Effective Ways to Manage Caterers in a Wedding

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In a wedding, catering plays an integral role as entertaining guests with sumptuous food is one of the pre-requisites. You need to manage this portfolio very well as otherwise things may go haywire at the eleventh hour. You have to be very cautious while choosing a caterer for your various functions including for the D-Day. You must strictly follow a checklist before finalizing a caterer and only once he passes this litmus test, handover this crucial assignment:
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  1. Get references from caterers for previous clients and also from your nearer and dearer acquaintances and personally interview at least 3-4 of them.
  2. Ask them to submit quotes in writing and thereafter compare them.
  3. Try to see their actual catering in one of following days if possible and then counter check the performance with the host. Test their sample food also.
  4. Does the caterer specializes in special kinds of foods like Frozen, Gluten free, organic etc.
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  5. Don’t ever make huge percentage as advance money as otherwise he will take you for granted on part of fulfilling his obligations and create dispute.
  6. Must have such an understanding signed and agreed on a piece of paper for future reference. Try to accommodate all the major details, menu, dishes, number of waiters/dress, cutlery, crockery, linen, napkins, plating & food presentation, starters, main course and sweetish etc.
  7. In case liquor has to be served to the guests, check for the proper license and permissions from local authorities. Also check on proper glasses and bar services.
  8. Don’t ever do such bookings in a hurry. Always plan properly and then negotiate and finalize peacefully.
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  9. Do proper evaluation of the number of guests from both sides – Bride & Groom.
  10. Co-ordinate with venue provider as caterer has to synchronize with the venue owner to carry his part of activities.
  11. Ensure fire safety measures in place.
  12. Don’t forget to assign a couple of family members / close acquaintances to closely supervise the catering services on the D-Day.
  13. Ask the main caterer to be physically present throughout the ceremony.
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  14. Keep a tab on number of plates used as caterers always try to create ruckus on this issue.
  15. Check for hygiene and service aspect frequently as caterers try to compromise here and there.
  16. Scope of the caterer to be specially clarified. Sometimes caterers combine their role for Floral Decor, Tent set up, Lighting etc. in that case, you have to be extra cautious to be clear on all these aspects too.
  17. Last but not the least, ensure in writing that there wouldn’t be any other hidden cost over & above what you have mutually agreed & signed.
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Once you strongly plan in advance and go by the above checklist, you will be able to engage Best Caterers in Delhi NCR for your wedding and shall enjoy it to your best.

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