Monday, 30 November 2015

Choosing Family Clothing in a Wedding

Dressing for an Indian Wedding

Bridal & Groom Wear are an important part in any wedding. But, one also needs to look into the clothing for the rest of the family members. When it comes to Indian Wedding Clothing for the guests, there are many options for the men and women to choose from.

Any Indian wedding is a grand affair usually celebrated with pomp, show and color of high order.
Kids Wedding Dresses

While there is no set dress-code as such for the relatives & guests attending Indian weddings, it helps if you turn up in Indian wear. Women can choose a Wedding Saree, Salwar Kameez or a Wedding Lehenga while men can pick a Kurta, Sherwani, Indo-Western Suit, Jodhpuri Suit or a Band gala etc.
Wedding Wear Suits for Men

But there is a big question mark as to what exactly to select. People get easily confused on making final choice. One has to keep in mind various other things like weather, wedding location, stature of guests attending the wedding, taste and preferences of individuals etc. Besides, one has to keep in mind about the current fashion trends in the vogue. All these factors have a deep bearing before the final choice is arrived at.

Wedding Lehenga Choli

One can have a quick look at a few pointers to keep in mind while selecting the right outfit for the wedding:

Go Simple

Indian Wedding Sarees

Some people do not miss the opportunity to unwrap all their finery to show them off at a wedding ceremony, but one should always avoid over-dressing. That certainly does not mean that you wear a plain outfit. You can pick a Wedding Saree / Wedding Lehenga in a subtle color with delicate embellishments. Close relatives can wear an Anarkali suit with elaborate detailing so that the outfit does not clash with the bride’s outfit.
For males, you should stick to simple and clean lines, neutral colors, minimal thread work and fabrics that are rich but not too flashy. They can go with Silk, Khadi or cotton Kurta Pyzama in beige, mustard or brown are safe bets. Those will not only look elegant but will surely get appreciated by the people around.

Avoid Black and White Colors

Sarees for Wedding Occasion

We all know that in India, the two colors viz black and white are not considered auspicious, more so black. So, better not to turn up for a festive occasion in those colors.

Women could wear red or maroon, but again, chances are very high that the bride’s wedding saree or the lehenga is also in those two colors. So the best option would be to stick to try other colors like yellow, green, blue or pink which look equally good.

Say No to Tight or Revealing Clothes

Indo-Western for Men

It is always better to wear comfortable clothes which are not tight. Also, since the wedding guests normally include elderly folks of the couple, it is always advisable to stick to clothes that are not too tight or revealing.

Avoid Casuals 

Jhodpuri Suit for Men

An Indian wedding is not really the occasion to turn up in daily wear cotton clothes. Since you are going to be surrounded by a big gathering, you may as well dress up to mix in with the crowd that will be dazzling in stunning Wedding Sarees, Wedding Lehengas and Anarkali Suits. Similarly, for males, there exists many options like Kurta Pyzama, Sherwani, Indo-Western Suit, Jodhpuri Suit or a Band gala etc. Too much of embroidery work thereon must always be avoided as sometimes it may become embarrassing for the wearer.

Bling Factor: Jewelry

Jewellery for Indian Wedding

The one thing that gets religiously observed at Indian weddings is the Jewellery. If it is your first time at an Indian wedding, don’t become conscious if you are getting stared it. Most women keep an eye out for unique pieces of jewelry worn by other guests.

Now that you know that your jewelry will be the most watched element, why not bring out some of your best pieces to match with your Wedding Saree, Lehenga or Anarkali Suit. Limit your selection to one statement neck-piece, beautiful earrings and a few bangles to match with your wedding outfit.

Lehenga Choli for Indian Wedding

Indian Weddings are a celebration of color and style. Go all out wear clothes that replicate the happy and momentous occasion that a wedding is. While you are at the wedding, shake a leg and participate in the festivities. We are confident that you will treasure those memories and your pictures will bear testimony to all the fun and enjoyment you have had!