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Mehendi Ki Raat

Mehndi Ki Raat is a fun ritual ceremony before the wedding for both the bride and groom. With beautiful and ornate patterns by experts, it is applied on brides and groom’s hands and feet. Mehndi designs come in a wide range of category like, Arabic, Pakistani, Rajasthan, and Punjabi. There is a myth involved with mehendi on the bride’s palm saying the darker the colour of mehendi, the more her husband to be would love her, her in-laws’s affection towards her and opulence of her new family, so to maintain it, mehndi is kept on overnight to get deeper and darker color on the palms.

Mehndi is a symbol of commitment which dedicates itself completely on bride’s hands. The core significance of mehndi is that it is a very powerful medical herb. In ancient times it began in order to protect couples and keep them healthy. It acts as a highly anticipating agent, and can protect the couple from viral disease. As weddings are stressful and frequently cause stress, headaches and fever, application of mehndi can prevent stress by cooling the body and keeping the nerves from tension. Also, any cuts, scratches, burns can be healed easily during the course of many rituals. Oils such as, eucalyptus, clove and lemon drops are added to help darken the mehndi’s color on the body and to enhance benefits of mehndi and make the paste highly medical.

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In north Indian weddings, mehendi night is accompanied by Dhol-Baja, music, and dance to its beats, laughter, food and lots of fun. Also family members give an expression to their happiness by applying mehndi on their hands. The wedding couple and their family members perform on the stage and play games to make that night beautiful and memorable. The entire mood of ceremony is extremely festive. Another tradition followed on that night is that the Bride hides the first letter of the groom’s on her palm, such that it becomes difficult for the groom to identify that letter. Traditional songs and music signalize the ceremony from the beginning to the end.

Today there are varieties of mehndi to select for every bride on how to choose best bridal mehndi and Best Bridal Mehndi Artists.

There are some tips before choosing a mehndi artist for the wedding:

Artist’s Skills
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One should be clear about designs of mehndi. Always choose mehndi design according to your wedding dress. Like, if you wear traditional Rajasthani Lehenga on your wedding then you have to look for the artist who has expertise in traditional mehndi designs.

Artist’s Speed
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The most vibrant activity that every bride undergoes before her wedding day is when mehndi is applied on her hands and legs. So to avoid long duration of mehndi application, check the speed of the artist.

Artist’s Pricing
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Some artists charge on per hour basis while some artists charge on per hand basis. Therefore, determine the total guest list, before booking an artist. If number of hands is more, book artist on per hour basis or else book artist who charge on per hand basis.

Test The Heena, Being Used For Mehndi
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Different artists use their own secret formulae to develop mehndi paste that turns out in deep brighter color. Hence, it is essential to test the mehndi on your hands before the final day to check the suitability of your mehndi.

Artist’s Professionalism
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Many artist give end time surprises and excuses for delay and unavailability. So, before finalizing check and research their professionalism.

“Mehndi Ki Raat” is a reflection of the rich Indian culture, with lovely sentiments and beliefs that bring knowledge of medical herbs. A ceremony which is filled with fun, joy and perfect pioneer to the auspicious wedding day. One can find the Best Mehndi Artist around the city.
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