Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Bridal – Groom Accessories, Footwear and Bags for Wedding

Wedding Accessories For Indian Groom

In any wedding, special focus is given not only to Bridal / Groom Wear but also to their many accessories. A perfect dress will appear even more special with beautiful accessories. Once the main wedding outfits have been finalized, then comes the turn of many other stuff. Like whether you are looking for traditional bridal styles or statement heels, bags, purse and clutches, you can find everything you need with a bit of planning. Similarly, Groom Accessories like, the shoes, Belt, Tie, Cuff-links, Suede etc. are the most sought after items one always looks for.
Clutch and bags for Indian Bride

In case of shoes, in order to feel even more comfortable, one must wear them around the house for an hour every day for a minimum of 5-7 days. This will help to avoid painful and ugly shoe bites on the big day. Such incidents are quite common in actual practice. Also the ladies should not buy shoes with heels taller than two inches. High heels shall trouble you on the events where you have to move around quite frequently. The brides may select purse which is small, elegant, and can hold something larger and wider than a handkerchief. She should be able to slip in a touch-up kit with her compact, lipstick, ‘Kajal’ and tissues. Further don’t forget to check if your mobile fits into.

Necklace for Indian Groom for Sherwani

Likewise on his wedding, the groom has to make sure that he not only complements his bride-to-be in making those lifelong vows, but also when it comes to his look and appearance. Yes, Dear grooms, you have to take extra care to look stunning on your special day. And, for that you need to invest in some trendy accessories as well. He may go for a long scarf or ‘Dupatta’ with tassels at the end, it goes very well with ‘Sherwani’. He should also wear a necklace kind of ‘Haar’ around his neck over Sherwani. The necklace may have 3-5 strings and gives a royal look to the groom. If the groom is wearing Sherwani, then ‘Juti’ or ‘Mojari’ is a must with that outfit. One can wear cuff-links with Sherwani. A stunning pair of cuff links in some classy shades or metal enhances the grandeur of the tuxedo you are wearing.

Footwear for Indian Groom

Another important accessory for the newly wed is watch. It speaks about your style and sophistication. An amazing watch adds to your look and makes you stand out in the gathering.

Designer Wrist Watch for Men

So, the above Tips can help to carefully choose Wedding Accessories for Bride and Groom to make their Big Day a memorable one.