Thursday, 3 September 2015

Indian Temple Jewellery – An Everlasting Trend

Indian Bridal Jewellery

Indian Weddings are typically considered incomplete without preparation and finalization of Bridal Jewellery. First of all, Bride’s family thinks of jewellery items as to what to get and how to get, keeping present trends and cost in mind. Jewellery also continues to be an important part of our culture and heritage since ages. Parents & relatives try to present an Indian bride all kinds of heritage jewellery. In fact such heritage jewellery is treasured from generations to generations. One of those heritage jewellery is Temple Jewellery. Such jewellery is Timeless one and quite often comes from your grandmother's jewellery box.

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Temple Jewellery has been part of Indian heritage since the time immemorial. In this jewellery, the figures of gods and goddesses are well crafted to convey a sort of inspiration to the design. Those images are mostly hand crafted with lots of carvings. Temple Jewellery is very popular in south India but is also equally likened in other parts of the country. Temple Jewellery strongly reflects your belief in the Hindu deities.

Indian Temple Jewellery
Temple jewellery has never been out of fashion and is in vogue since long. This jewellery is a timeless one and is passed on from one generation to the next. Such jewellery is studded with gemstones in different colours and shapes to give a regal look. Images of Gods & Goddesses add glitter to the jewellery. Present day brides are very much eager of adding Temple jewellery to their whole attire on the marriage day. Temple jewellery can be customized to suit individual taste and preferences. Jewellers can a bit modify old jewellery by doing few changes here and there to give totally different and new look. Besides images of deities, Temple Jewellery can also combine temple structures, dancers and royal figures. Such images are usually crafted on bigger pieces of jewellery like Necklaces, Earrings, Waist belts, and Anklets etc. so as look prominent.

Indian Bride's Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery's origin comes from centuries ago. It has been symbolic to religious belief whereas now is part of the tradition to pass it on to the next generation. Temple Jewellery goes conveniently with any outfit, be it a Bridal Saree, Lehanga or Salwar Kameez. This jewellery being heavy and bigger in size, requires very less makeup as the jewellery itself attracts the interest from the individuals around.
Temple Jewellery is steadily becoming a vital part of Bridal jewellery Trousseau. Now it has become a style statement amongst the contemporary bride. This Jewellery enhances the appearance of the bride who looks so dazzling & ravishing that even the gods smile.

Bridal Temple Jewellery

In short, Temple Jewellery is the Timeless Jewellery which is being transferred from one generation to the next, and safely cherished for all the times to come.