Friday, 14 August 2015

4 Tips to Choose Right Engagement Ring

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In any wedding, engagement ring starts the process of union of two persons. It is an important part of every Indian Wedding Jewelry section. Engagement ceremony is the first formal ceremony between the two families. So, choosing the right engagement ring is one of the most difficult task for both sides. After all, first impression is also the last impression and everyone would like to select the best engagement ring for his/her would-be-partner.

Engagement ring is the treasured passion of both the bride and the groom. This keeps them refreshed with past memories for ever. One keeps on repenting for his/her lifetime in case the engagement ring doesn’t match their wish.

It is not necessary that the engagement ring costs a bomb. The particular metal studded with diamonds or stones, even costing reasonable, may prove to be a good selection. The perfect engagement ring has to be adorned for all the times hence one must be a bit extra careful in choosing it keeping his/her spouse’s preference in mind. Post engagement, the Engagement ring becomes priceless irrespective of its cost.

4 Tips that may help you to choose the right Engagement Ring:

Metal Selection

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Engagement ring may be in most sought after yellow gold. However, now Titanium and Platinum are also in the vogue. Both these options give extra durability and strength to the ring.

Right Diamond

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Finding the right diamond is also a ticklish thing, one should care for its color, cut, clarity and carat. Transparent diamonds are a good choice but cost will depend upon carat. High on the carat means higher on the cost aspect as well.

Choice of Stones

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Many semi-precious stones are in prevalence to be part of Engagement ring. Emerald, ruby, sapphire, pearls, opal, amber, quartz or garnet all go well with the ring depending upon one’s taste and specific liking. Brides today are also opting for sporty rings embedded with colored diamond pieces. That use of multi-color stones/diamonds gives the ring a glamorous look.

Quality Check

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One must pick the right ring keeping in view his/her preferences. The authenticity of gold/diamond must be checked with proper care. Hallmark certification and ISI mark may ensure this aspect. So, the quality and purity can be established with all such prudence.

Engagement Ring is the most treasured possession in a person’s life to recall those golden moments. This is nothing short of a token of love for each other. Your ring finger shall continue to be the testimony for all the times to come.....