Friday, 28 August 2015

4 Healthy Tips For Healthy Menu In A Wedding

Fruit - Veggie - Wedding Dishes

A Wedding is generally a massive occasion involving numerous events and functions. Catering plays a key role in all these events. Generally, food & beverages served contain high calories which normally does not suit much to the health conscious people. The festivity mood by and large lead into the temptations of over eating. Now-a-days, the caterers have started offering special and customized menus to meet the needs of health conscious people. They have tried to incorporate foods having less fat, sugar and oil in their menu. Apart from Snacks Corner and Main Meals, the caterers are also offering healthy beverages like fresh fruit juices, lemonade etc.

Simultaneously, you can consider having a few innovations in your wedding menu. It will be a good idea to offer your guests something different than the usual standard dishes. Here are 4 basic things which can help you differentiate your menu:

Go Organic

Organic Healthy Food

Now-a-days organic fruits, vegetables and pulses are easily available. Beverages such as organic Tea, Coffee and Shakes could be better options to add. For this, you must properly check the credentials of the caterer.

A Healthy Corner

Fresh Fruit Juices

One can start with a healthy soup or with a glass of Fresh Fruit Juice. Prefer having Wheat & Missi Roti rather than Butter Naan or Fried Rice. Having curd with the meal helps in quick digestion. Barbeque food is another option better than fried snacks. Remove Junk Foods from your wedding menu.


Fruit Desert

A few healthy desserts may be Mango & Cardamom Shrikhand (Refined Sugar to be replaced with Jaggery), Fruit platter, Bite size pieces of different ice creams made to look like Indian sweets. You can also opt for sugar free wedding cake & desserts with fresh fruits spreading to make it healthier. Fruits like Strawberry Pavlova, Mangoes/Oranges with Strawberry yoghurt, and Honey Roasted Pears with sweet yoghurt and sugar free Chocolate Berry Tart can be some more options to choose from.


Green Tea - Vodka Cocktail

Many a healthy Cocktails are something worth a try. Cocktails having Fresh Fruit Juices, fruit chunks, herbs and wines are high on anti-oxidants and therefore good for health. Grape wine, if used, can turn a cocktail into another heart friendly ingredient in the drink. Fresh Pomegranate juice and Green tea can also be part of menu to widen your choice.

You can Hire Best Wedding Caterers in Town and smoothly follow above tips in order to customize your menu & your guests will certainly have a great time to remember in times to come.